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Relations between Georgia and Swiss Confederation

Diplomatic relations between Georgia and Swiss Confederation were established on 10 June 1992.

Fields of Cooperation

Georgia and the Swiss Confederation cooperate closely and fruitfully in a bilateral format in the political, trade-economic, inter-parliamentary, development, interregional and other areas. Furthermore, since the breakup of diplomatic relations with the Russian Federation in 2009, Switzerland has been acting as a mediator in the Georgian-Russian relations. For this purpose, the Section of Georgian Interests runs at the Swiss Embassy in Moscow and the Section of Russian Interests works at the Embassy of Switzerland in Tbilisi. The two countries also enjoy fruitful cooperation within the international organizations.

Around 10 agreements have been signed between Georgia and the Swiss Confederation, envisaging the cooperation in areas such as trade and economy, readmission, air transportation, technical, financial and humanitarian issues, avoidance of double taxation on income and capital, etc.

High- and highest-level visits are frequently exchanged between the two countries at the level of legislative and executive branches of power. The Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia and the Prime Minister of Georgia visited Switzerland and the President of the Swiss Confederation and the Chairman of the Swiss National Council (Parliament) visited Georgia in the past few years. The latter, within the framework of his official visit to Georgia in October 2019, unveiled a new building of the Embassy.

The inter-parliamentary cooperation is developing dynamically. The inter-parliamentary friendship group of Switzerland has been established in the Parliament of Georgia and the group of friendship with Georgia in the Swiss Parliament.

The economic cooperation between the two countries is on a dynamic course of development. Annual trade balance between Georgia and Switzerland has been positive since 2016. Successful operation of up to 35 Swiss companies across Georgia provides yet another proof of fruitful economic cooperation between the two countries. The Swiss-Georgian Business Association operates and joint business forums are organized from time to time.

The Free Trade Agreement concluded between the European Free Trade Association (EFTA - Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland) and Georgia provides an essential prerequisite for the further deepening of economic cooperation between the two countries. The Free Trade Agreement with respect to Switzerland came into force on 1 May 2018.

Switzerland promotes vocational training in agriculture, hospitality and other sectors. Tourism, agriculture, migration are also considered as prospective areas of cooperation. Contacts are strengthened between Georgian regions and Swiss cantons.

There is effective cooperation between the higher education institutions of the two countries. The Swiss Government annually grants scholarships to students for doctoral, post-doctoral studies and scientific-research works.

For many years, Switzerland has been assisting Georgia in its social and economic development and in implementing democratic reforms. In this light, special note should be taken of the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) to Georgia, whose regional office has been successfully functioning in Georgia since 1996.

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