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The Swiss Federal Council has taken the following decisions, which have been in force since Monday 6 December 2021

Extension of the obligation of the Covid certificate 

The Covid certificate is now compulsory for indoor areas of all public events and for outdoor public events from 300 participants (currently 1000 participants). 

It is strongly recommended to use the Covid certificate for private meetings with family and friends held indoor and with more than 10 people. It is recalled that these meetings may not accommodate more than 30 people indoor and 50 outdoor. 

Extension of the obligation to wear a face mask

Face masks must be worn indoor wherever a Covid certificate is required, except at private meetings. In restaurants, customers are required to eat while seated and face masks must be worn unless seated at the table. 

Recommendation to reintroduce home working 

In order to limit contact in the workplace, it is strongly recommended to reintroduce home working. All employees must wear a face mask in spaces that are shared by several people.

Reduction of the validity period of Covid certificates obtained following a rapid test

The validity of rapid antigen tests is reduced from 48 to 24 hours. PCR tests remain valid for 72 hours. 

From Saturday 4 December 2021, new health requirements for entry into Switzerland 

No more countries will be included in the list of countries subject to quarantine. All persons entering Switzerland, including those who have been vaccinated or cured, must be tested in advance. In addition, a second test, either PCR or antigenic, must be performed between the fourth and seventh day after arrival.

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